Melancholy Radio Station

attention all personal!
this is melancholy radio station!
operating at the most fragile frequency...
attention all listeners!
this is a lonely transmission!
don’t attempt to leave it unaswered...
please tune it deep in,so you all listen good,
so you all listen well.
for this is in no way
a call for helpin the abyss of solitude.
for this is in no instance
a glimpse of tears
in a face that is always smiling.
for this can not be misunderstood
with a temporary weakness exposure
of an apparent strong character.
no. far from that.
this transmission is nothing but
what you are hopelessly trying to tell us all
but in way or another
keeps vanishing in the wind.
a whisper that nobody cared about.
a love letter with no destination.
a silence that means so much.
what you just keep for yourself.
far from me.this is your frequency.
so here,
pick up the phone.
and tell us all about your lonely transmission.
we promise we’ll listen,
we promise we’ll love.
and we will tune it deep in,
so we can all listen good,
so we can all listen well.
but please, please
don’t attemp to leave it unsaid...