Raging Tiger in a Iron Cage,

  • 2 de Junho de 2017

“Let me out! Let me out!”

For I want to see places,

I want to see faces,

I want to see

All the beauty in the world.

But once the curtain falls,

And the tiger is set free,

It turns into a scared cat.

For the world is so big

And there are so many faces

And the beauty is also

So dangerous.

The cat misses his locks.

For locked was so easy,

And so safe.

But the cat sometime remembers

It was born a tiger.

But the tiger

Was all it’s life

Raised as a cat.

But now the locks

(And the world)

are open for it.

The cat is so scared,

But it steps out,

And as soon as it realize it’s a tiger,

And not a scared cat,

He will be ready

To take out the world.